Personalized Portfolio

Your portfolio is as individual as you are

Unlike mutual funds or many other managed investment programs that are currently available, IPC Private Wealth gives you the advantage of tailoring your portfolio to meet your personal preferences in four key areas:

Personal Values

We can customize your portfolio to exclude specific securities or sectors that you don’t want to invest in for ethical reasons.

Risk Tolerance

Your asset allocation will be calibrated to deliver optimal growth potential with the lowest possible risk while maintaining alignment with your investment objectives.

Personal Values

Your portfolio will be monitored for gains and losses to help you manage the overall taxable consequences on your portfolio.


Your investments can be used to generate cash flow as required.

The portfolio that results from this process is much more than just a collection of investments; it is a representation and reflection of who you are as an individual.

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IPC Private Wealth is a division of IPC Securities Corporation. Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.